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Every business, organization, community or person has challenges they must overcome. Some are well-equipped for success, while others need an outside perspective to help them meet the challenge head-on.

13 Ways Inc might be that outside perspective your organization is looking for. Our team of professionals has a deep pool of skills and expertise so we can assemble the right mix of people to help you successfully navigate your problem.

Visit our Services page to learn more about what 13 Ways Inc offers and how we can help you meet the challenges facing your organization.

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Griffiths, at least through his book, is a down-to-earth, pragmatic conservative; an Alberta Legislative Assembly member representing a largely rural constituency. To better understand their particularly rural challenges, he committed himself to relentless travel and meticulous study of their communities which, over time, revealed some curiously recurring behaviors (some might say dysfunctions) . . . It’s good stuff.

-- Scott Doyon - Placemakers.com

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