Take your thinking to new places. Free yourself from the constraints of also-ran or status quo and imagine a more ambitious future. Some call us change agents. Others might call us municipal therapists. Having been around the block many times, we use our knowledge and trusted presence to passionately cut through clutter, say things people need to hear vs want to hear, reset frame of mind, and develop energized strategic pathways for communities that aspire to be great.

Communities seeking achievement of highest aspiration mixed with our no nonsense solution-seeking; this is the place where 13 Ways produces a product for communities that is not offered elsewhere. At 13 Ways, we ask communities to take charge of their future. We know “There’s Always a Way.”

Visit our Services page to learn more about what 13 Ways, Inc. offers and how we can help your organization develop transformative results. Contact us at info@13ways.ca to learn more.

My thanks go out to Kelly and Doug for sharing their experience and thoughtful analysis of issues the communities we live in and love all face!

-Helen Hollyer, Editor/Publisher - The Creswell Chronicle

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